The Chanel Jacket

The Chanel jacket is undoubtedly one of fashions most iconic pieces.

In 1954, Coco Chanel designed a revolutionary jacket that would change the lives of women forever.

Inspired, like many of her designs from menswear, Chanel wanted to given women the comfort and freedom to move in their clothes the same way men did. However it was vital that the chic style and elegance still remained.

The iconic jacket that consists of four real pockets. These are braided with either matching or contrasting pockets, which close with large buttons stamped with the famous CC logo. However the key feature which sets this piece above the rest is the fine chain that is sewn along the bottom. This is to ensure that the jacket falls perfectly at all times.

When Karl Largerfeld took over the famous house in the 1980's, he reinvented the jacket giving it a new modern twist and taking it to the next level. Year after year the jacket is worn by many a fashionista, for any occasion at any time.

As with many of the pieces in Chanel's " Timeless collection", the jacket remains a true status symbol with many women aspiring to own one.

Although, it is likely to set you back in the region of £4000, it really is an investment worth making if you want to make your mark on the fashion scene.

In the words of Sarah Jessica Parker (and very often Stephanie Jackson) " I like to have my money right where I can see it - hanging in my wardrobe!".