Four Seasons Trip to Dior and I

This week Four Seasons took a trip to the vintage Olympic Studios cinema to see the behind-the-scenes documentary based on Christian Dior’s fashion house in Paris. Following Belgian designer Raf Simons as he endeavours to showcase his first couture collection as Dior’s new creative director, the documentary takes the audience through the emotional eight week journey, from the fashion house to the catwalk, and everything in-between.

We often get to see photos of catwalks plastered across magazines and the pieces hanging perfectly in boutiques, but very rarely do we get an opportunity to go behind the scenes and appreciate the talented hands and minds behind the finished pieces. Raf’s inspiration is derived from his surroundings, architecture and paintings and we watch the couture toiliste translating Raf’s imagination into reality, producing the most beautiful pieces which pose as art works in themselves. This is interesting as Christian Dior once quoted 'My architecture. I think of my work as ephemeral architecture, dedicated to the beauty of the female body.' 

Empowered and driven by passion and belief that Christian Dior’s spirit still fills the atelier, each team member puts the last stitches in their pieces up to minutes before they are collected on the day of the show. 

As the precisely selected models, glide along the catwalk of the flowered covered rooms past the most influential fashion figures it is hard not to become emotionally involved in the Dior journey. Raf himself is overcome with emotion before the show as he thanks his whole team for the success of his first show in haute couture. 

What is so inspirational about the Dior house is that each member of the working team is living and sharing their dream together. It is not a job it is a passion and a privilege that they spend their life devoting to. In the words of Christian Dior 'It is unforgivable to do what one doesn't love, especially if one succeeds.' Perhaps this is something we should all aspire to achieve.