Confidence - The Secret

Katie Piper launched the UK’s first-ever “diversity catwalk” at the Ideal Home Show last week.

Named “Confidence - The Secret”, the catwalk featured representatives from the Katie Piper Foundation and Models of Diversity, which included models with visible differences.

The women initially took to the catwalk in white T-shirts emblazoned with the question: 'What do you see?' on the front. On the back was written their inner most insecurity, which weren’t the obvious anxieties that you might have assumed. Katie, who was left with severe scarring after being attacked with sulphuric acid in 2008, revealed that her biggest insecurity is her height, and she would love to be a bit taller.

The models were then given a makeover and graced the catwalk in outfits chosen to enhance their best features. 'It's all about looking at what you do have and not what you don't.' Katie told the audience.

In the show’s finale, the models braved the catwalk in their swimwear, something that would terrify even some of the most confident of people! But the models seemed happy and comfortable, and it was clear to see they were genuinely enjoying themselves.

The show was filled with inspiration, both from the models on the catwalk and the talk by Katie.

'It's not about trying to look and be perfect, it's about a positive mindset and being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.' 'I can't express how important positive thinking is,' Katie explained.

Being the best version of yourself is something we always encourage at Four Seasons Recruitment and it reminded me of our Four Seasons values which we have displayed on the walls of our office:

Be inspiring
Have a proactive approach
Aspire to be more
Be an expert
Show passion

These are all values which can be encompassed both in the workplace and in the rest of your life. I believe Katie encompasses all of these values and more, and it was great to see her confidence and passion inspiring others to be the best they can be.

The final shows will take place tomorrow at the Ideal Home Show in Kensington Olympia.