Harrods to Present Fragrance Garden at Chelsea Flower Show

Harrods will be creating history this May as they present their first concept garden in collaboration with award-winning garden designer Sheena Seeks at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show. Titled ‘The Fragrance Garden’, it will be a celebration of perfume through the medium of flowers.

Taking the art of perfume-making as its theme, the multi-sensory garden will be inspired by the 19th Century artisan tradition of enfleurage, a technique whereby the scent of flowers is captured in wax. On one side of the garden flowers will be enclosed in laboratory beakers and test tubes, while on the adjacent side they reappear, transformed into giant paper blooms. Adding a modern twist, the garden will also feature augmented reality images on giant screens, which will leap into life when viewed through a phone or tablet.

It is really exciting to see British retail brands branch into other creative areas, and we can’t wait to see and smell the finished garden.

You can experience ‘The Fragrance Garden’ for yourself at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in May 2015.