Be Your Own Stylist – How Fashion Apps are Evolving

21st century retailers are becoming more innovative and creative with their ecommerce channels, making shopping easier and more accessible than ever. Fashion apps are pushing their way to the front of online shopping, offering the customer more than just the option to buy clothes based on a photograph. Tailoring the user experience to what the individual customer wants and truly fulfilling our retail therapy needs. With a growing number of fashion apps becoming available, avid shoppers can now digitize and create outfits before they buy.

Fashion app ASAP54 empowers the user to find whatever they want, by either taking a picture and finding a similar item, or by linking their Instagram account and turning all the things they have liked into fashion shoppable items, or by simply allowing users to search by keywords.

Meet Daniela Cecilio – Founder of ASAP54. Brazilian-born, ex fashion designer, and ‘fashion obsessive’ who branched out on her own to launch ASAP54, the first ever fashion app that allows users to discover products through its social fashion community that also encompasses both the latest visual search technology and its own personal styling service.

Daniela’s ambition for the next two years is to “change the way people search, and share fashion. I want ASAP54 to empower people to search and buy a fashion item inspired by everything that they see – from a beautiful painting to a photograph in a magazine.”

Daniela’s inspiration for ASAP54 -
‘’My main motivation was my own frustration when trying to find what I was looking for. I wanted to be empowered as a consumer to find whatever I wanted in a very easy way, without having to describe the item in words, and most importantly be able to shop my finds. I created ASAP54 to allow users to find shoppable items in a creative, emotional way, without too much hassle. ‘’

So what does the future hold for fashion apps? In this digital age, ways of shopping are constantly evolving so we will definitely be in for a treat when looking to purchase new outfits. What could be better than having such incredible access to fashion with your own individual touch, added inspiration and your own personal stylist at a click of a button?