9 Interesting Facts About St Patrick's Day!

1. The first St Patrick's Day celebration wasn't actually recorded in Ireland; it was in Boston, USA in 1737, which had a large Irish immigrant community that wanted to celebrate their heritage and identity.

2. St Patrick was actually born in either Scotland or Wales, but was taken to Ireland as a slave and became a shepherd.

3. Around 13 million pints of Guinness will be drank worldwide today. Cheers!

4. St Patrick actually wore blue vestments. The colour green was chosen as it represents the season of spring and the shamrock, which St Patrick apparently used to teach the Holy Trinity.

5. Even though modern celebrations of St Patrick's Day involve a lot of drinking, from 1903 until 1970 the pubs were closed for religious observance in Ireland.

6. There are 4.2 million Irish people in Ireland, but 34 million people of Irish descent living in the United States.

7. The chances of you finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10,000. Good luck with that!

8. Chicago dyes its river green on St Patrick's day using 45 pounds of vegetable dye. It usually lasts for about a week.

9. Leprechauns were actually really mean creatures! Making their first appearance in an 8th-century poem about King Fergus of Ulster who wakes up to find tiny, angry men sneakily trying to drag him into the ocean and drown him while he sleeps. Not quite the jolly little men that we consider them these days!