The Retail Perms Team here at Four Seasons let you know their top tips for the PERFECT interview candidate:  

  1. Think of a question to ask about the Company e.g. what is it like working there?  Make sure it isn’t about salary or Company benefits! And - research your interviewer if you can! (Angela)


  2. Never underestimate the power of body language – always start with a firm hand shake, smile and make eye contact. Avoid nervous or bored body movements such as fiddling with pens/ touching your hair or crossing and uncrossing your legs, all of these things will give the impression that you are not listening! (Lydia)


  3. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there and arrive on time. Being late gives a bad first impression. (Kate)


  4. Dress to impress and always smile! (Amber)


  5. You must research the brand and be prepared! And tip top grooming is essential - first impressions count. (Laura)


  6. Always draw upon actual examples from your own experience, don’t just talk in general terms, no one wants to hear a textbook answer. (Bene)


  7. Candidates should have specific examples of key achievements and most once again, maintain good eye contact and smile. (Anna)