Christmas 2015: It’s All About BISCUITEERS

Biscuiteers, a luxury iced-biscuit Company, was co-founded by Harriet Hastings and her husband, Stevie Congdon. The idea was conjured up during a weekend in New York; planning began in Spring 2007 and quickly launched online in September 2007.

From the start, Harriet & Stevie were committed to using the very best natural ingredients and old fashioned non-industrialised techniques, to achieve the best flavours. Biscuits were referred to as ‘collections’ and were launched seasonally, like fashion collections, with ever-refreshing ranges. It was important to the founders to create their own style with distinctive designs that would make their biscuits instantly recognisable.

When the collections were launched, they came with the instantly-alluring mission statement, ‘why send flowers when you can send biscuits instead?’ Since launching, Biscuiteers have gone from strength to strength, with their experienced icers copying logos and fashion designs, with collaborations in luxury retail for high profile launches and campaigns.

Christmas 2015 has seen Biscuiteers working on a gigantic and exciting project creating a vision of London’s lost and un-built architecture, created entirely from gingerbread. The installation fills Selfridges’ main Christmas window and is set to wow spectators (including us) by its sheer size and detail. A duo of Biscuiteers architects used detailed plans to bake and construct each panel, window, arch, dome and portico to create a total of 15 mega biscuit structures.

We just hope that when it comes to the deconstruction of these 15 mega-biscuits, they might need some assistance in clearing the window...! Sign us up please. Merry Christmas x