The online Christmas Effect

As we draw ever closer to November, it is more apparent that Christmas is approaching …. It’s not even Halloween and I’ve already had a mince pie…or two.

Christmas means a multitude of things, shopping included. However the words Christmas and shopping in the same sentence may give some people the shivers, taking them back to that hour long queue to pay for the last minute Christmas Eve essentials they endured in previous years.

This is where the world of online shopping comes into play. Where customers can experience the delights stores have on offer, from the comfort of their own home. The click, pay and deliver attitude towards Christmas is backed by consumers expectations for shops to raise the retail bar. Our much loved Harvey Nichols offers standard delivery and the option for the customer to collect in store from one of their dedicated lounges. Alternatively if you like what you see online, Harvey Nichols has the additional choice of calling an in store stylist to discuss and arrange the order directly over the phone – going the extra mile!

With the festive period seeing a 20-30% increase of online sales, many retailers have invested lots of money to ensure their websites are easy to use across devices such as tablets and smart phones. Between the months November and December, retailers have previously seen a 37.5% increase of online sales, resulting in Christmas being their busiest time.

Everybody enjoys shopping in different ways; some people may opt out of shopping in the run up to Christmas altogether, wanting to actively avoid standing next to the frantic husband searching for his last minute gift or those smug shoppers ‘just finishing off’ the last of their shopping on the first of December.

This is why online shopping soars around the festive period, people enjoy the speed and ease that is on offer. However if like me, you prefer to experience first hand what stores have to offer and the festive atmosphere not forgetting the fabulous Selfridges Christmas display then go for it, after all it is Christmas!