How To Apply For A Job

You have decided it is time for a career move and you need to plan your strategy. There is high demand for the right candidates, however there is also strong competition for the really special opportunities. You need to stand out amongst the crowd.

Be prepared. Think about why you want to change jobs, what is it that you will look for in the next role? Be ready to prepare your CV, tailor your individual applications, and commit time to interviews. Try to focus your resources on the right kind of next role, not just a move.

Highlight your strengths in the initial application. You will need to be the standout applicant, so get the really important and relevant information visible and at the top of the page. Do not apply for roles that you are not qualified for – it is a waste of your time and resources. Focus on positions that are attractive and suited to your qualifications and experience.

CV and application needs to be tailored to what the employer is seeking, this highlights the matching aspects of you the candidate. This might mean you will need variations of your CV to increase your prospects of an interview. Any covering letter or email needs to be brief and to the point. A waffly intro will almost certainly cost you an interview.

Your online profile can be viewed by employers. Ensure that your Linkedin profile is accurately reflecting your experience and that it is a professional profile. Maybe you use Twitter or Facebook, remember the content is visible.

Good Recruitment Consultants will assist you in this process if you want to use an Agency for your next move, regardless you will need to make these investments to ensure that the next great job is yours. 

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