Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty

Celebrating the extraordinary and deeply imaginative talent of one of the most innovative designers of our time, the eagerly anticipated ‘Savage Beauty’ will be Europe’s first ever retrospective of McQueen’s visionary body of work which spans from his 1992 MA graduate collection to his unfinished A/W 2010 collection.

Since the sell out at New York’s Met Museum in 2011 there has often been speculation about what a British display would reveal. Now the wait is almost over. Presented at the V&A from March, fans of the designer can expect to be immersed in the same dramatic staging and sense of raw beauty typically linked with McQueen’s famous runway shows. In addition to the collections there will be a room dedicated to McQueen’s earlier years in London, exploring the various influences which helped shape his extraordinary talent.

We will also be spoilt with a display of over 30 new pieces ,including several of which that couldn’t be transported to New York including the beautiful red ballet dress from The Girl Who Lived in the Tree (autumn/winter 2008-9)and a white feathered dress from The Horn of Plenty (autumn/winter 2009-10).

In recent comments Sarah Burton, the brands Creative director comments "Savage Beauty is a celebration of the most imaginative and talented designer of our time," “Lee was a genius and a true visionary who pushed boundaries, challenged and inspired. He believed in creativity and innovation and his talent was limitless."

Alexander McQueen will be remembered for his ground breaking ideas, outrageous sense of style and creative desire to violate convention. This exhibition is not to be missed.

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