National Lipstick Day

Today is National Lipstick Day, a day to celebrate one of the UK’s most loved cosmetics.

Did you know that lipstick dates as far back as 2500 BC when Ancient Mesopotamia women used crushed gemstones to decorate their lips? Sounds glamorous doesn’t it!

In the Egyptian times Cleopatra wore her own blend of red lipstick made from crushed beetles.

But lipstick wasn’t always so popular, in Victorian times Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup “impolite,” and makeup became socially unacceptable for everyone bar prostitutes and actresses

However, moving forward to World War II lipstick was seen as a symbol of female strength and became popular again.

These days, between 800 and 900 million lipsticks are sold worldwide every year, with European women buying the most— 300 million lipsticks are sold in Europe alone!

So in celebration of one of our favourite makeup products, Four Seasons have put together a list of our favourite lipsticks:

1. Nars - Heatwave

2. MAC - Please Me

3. YSL – Nude Beige

4. Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine - Romance

5. MAC - Girl About Town

6. Bobbi Brown - Pale Peach Matte

7. MAC - Coral Bliss

8. Tom Ford – Cherry Lush

9. YSL - Le Rouge

10. Dior, DIORIFIC - Dolce Vita

11. Laura Mercier – Rosewood

12. Mac – Lady Danger

13. Clinique Superbalm Lipgloss – Raspberry

14. Nars - Jungle Red

15. Barry M - Vibrant Pink

Do you have a favourite to add to our list?