What Can Retail Do For You?

What can you gain from a career in retail? More than you think! Those with a background in retail have a lot to offer. Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, or would love a job in head office at your desired brand, the skills you gain working retail are tremendously valuable. This is something clients can seek in a candidate and candidates can capitalise on. Those with retail experience have a unique set of skills that are very transferable to a multitude of careers and industries. When looking at job advertisements, it is easy to identify how the skills are transferable.

Leadership and Management
- The ability to manage and motivate a team come from direct exposure on the retail floor
- Managing performance – including reporting
- Coaching and leading others – this can be transferred to any role that requires training
- Allows you to move into any industry that involves people

Strategy and Tactical Management
- Understanding cause and effect
- Able to develop a tactical plan on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis
- Including project management - time management, priority identification and ensuring task completion

Change Management
- Ability to adapt to change which means you are able to multitask in a fast-paced environment
- Risk management prepared – always able to make effective decisions in a quick and timely manner
- Balancing a customer focus with a strong understanding of sales, profit and loss can be a challenging yet rewarding product of all of these skills

- There are very few industries where managers are directly exposed to customers directly in such volume and regularity as that in retail
- Able to manage a multitude of relationships from co-workers to clients as well as balancing the needs of stakeholders
- These candidates have full exposure to customers’ needs as they are consistently involved with them
- Retailers understand how to respond to them quickly and accurately and therefore, they will have exceptional experience addressing others’ needs
- Having this understanding will greatly reflect in job performance

If you are familiar with job advertisements, you will notice, there are usually more than one of these requirements highlighted. Therefore, these are highly sought-after skills that are applicable to many roles. A combination of these skills and background exposure proves to be highly sought-after by clients in various roles. Become aware of your retail skills and apply them via your CV or in an interview. Take a peek at our vacant roles and their descriptions to see how you can apply your skills. As always, good luck with your job search!