How To: Skype Interview

The popularity of job interviews using Skype or online video equipment has risen tremendously in the last few years. A survey by Right Management reports that 18% of candidates have experienced a video interview in the past year, more than double the amount from a year ago, and a huge 82% of hiring managers have used Skype to interview candidates.

But if you haven’t experienced this type of interview before, it can be an unfamiliar and daunting process. At Four Seasons Recruitment we often work with clients and candidates based across the UK, so skype interviewing candidates is a regular part of our job. So to help you come across your best in your interview, here are a few of our best tips:

Dress as if you were going to a face to face interview
Because you aren’t physically in the room with the interviewer, the visual cues you give off become even more important. Make sure you have an understanding of the company culture, and therefore dress appropriately. Wearing an appropriate outfit will also ensure you are mentally in a professional frame of mind.

Prepare for the interview
You still need to do just as much preparation for a Skype interview as you would for a face to face one. Research the company and read over the job spec. Make sure you have all the documents you need in the interview ready in front of you in case you need to refer to them.

Set your surroundings
Ensure you are set up in a quiet and businesslike area. Not only do you want minimal distractions for yourself such as the phone ringing or your dog barking, you also don’t want the interviewer judging you based on your messy kitchen in the background!

Do a practice run
If this is a new situation to you, you don’t want to come across unsure and awkward. Conduct a practice interview with a friend so that they can give you tips on where to look on your screen, how loudly to speak, and how to sit. This is also a chance to address any techincal issues. Make sure you find an area with a strong internet connection, and get to grips with how the Skype platform works.

Stay engaged
Make sure you give signs that you are still engaged whilst the interviewer is talking. This is called active listening, and it is important to do when you are not physically in the room with someone. Whilst the interviewer is talking, make sure that you occasionally nod in agreement, or use listening sounds such as “yes” to reassure the interviewer that you are still listening.

Don’t forget to smile!
You may have lots of things on your mind, but as with any interview, in order to develop rapport with the interviewer it is essential that you smile. Smiling with help you to relax slightly and will make you come across as more confident and friendly.