Victoria Beckham's First Boutique Opens on Dover Street


The magnificent 6,000sq ft shop was designed by Farshid Moussavi, also responsible for the master plan of the London Olympic Park, and is one of the most successful female architects at the moment.


The shop is very contemporary; you will notice the lack of tills and window display. Customers can pay for their items on an iPad anywhere in the store. The purchases will then be wrapped on some very expensive American walnut cabinets.


This is the first time people will get to see the brand through Victoria’s eyes, and therefore she had big visions for how she wanted the shop to look. It was her suggestion to have the huge concrete staircase linking all three floors together so you can stand of the top floor and see all the way down to the ground floor.


Handbags and clothes are displayed like installations, and there are huge changing rooms, with plenty of room for children to play in whilst customers try on clothes, an obvious input from mum of four, Victoria.


It seems Victoria is happy for her boutique to not just be viewed as a shopping destination but also for her fans to come and view her vision. "I hope its fun. Some people may not come to buy, but just to look and that's great. A lot of the public have been on this journey with me and I want them to enjoy the experience. Shopping should be fun."


This is a really exciting time for Victoria and proves her success since debuting her fashion line back in 2008.


The new Victoria Beckham store is at 36 Dover Street, London W1.