Successful Job Seekers Do Not.....

They do not send out the same CV to every employer. 
They have one well written CV which they tailor to each role that they apply for. This means they adjust the personal statement and highlight specific responsibilities which relate to their potential position.

They do not respond to lots of job alerts from job boards. This is not a productive way of finding your ideal role. Make sure you filter you search to only include jobs within your salary bracket and experience, and only apply for positions that are relevant.   

They do not rely on advertised positions to find their next position. It has been quoted that only 20% of vacancies are actually advertised. Just because they are not advertising does not mean that they are not interested in your skills and experience. If there is a specific company you would like to work for then find the relevant person at that company and contact them directly.

They do not register with generalist recruitment agencies. They engage with specialists in their sector and build relationships with them. Those Consultants will fully understand your skills, experience and career aspirations and will also have excellent connections within the industry.

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