Apple Watch – Luxury? Smart Technology? or both?

With the launch of Apple’s new products, there is an undeniable excitement around the brand, proving that it deserves its place as the most Valuable global brand in the world. But would you class it as luxury?

With the most expensive Apple Watch speculated to cost more than £3000 – you can understand why they are one of the most talked about brands of the moment! That paired with the launch of the Apple Watch on display in Paris Fashion week for one day only, they are certainly creating a buzz that is seeing luxury customers sitting up and taking notice.

So should the traditional watch brands be worried? Opinion is truly divided!

They have been careful to distance themselves from the term Smart watch and interestingly they have used a lot of the same technology as mechanical watches. At the launch of the new Apple watch - Jonathan Newhouse of Conde Nast described Apple as creating a new sector – “techno-luxury,” and believed that the two terms go hand in hand. He believes that luxury customers would absolutely be attracted the Apple Watch. Natalie Massenet, Net-a-porter’s founder agrees saying “Personalization is key!” There are others that believe that by attracting a younger audience to wearing a watch will only have a positive effect on traditional luxury watchmakers – so could it be a win/win?

We will be watching with interest here at Four Seasons, and luxury or not, Apple is certainly a brand to watch!