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What Questions Should You Ask As A Candidate In Interviews?
18 May 2017
Interviews are a way of an employer finding out more about you aren’t they? Yes they are, but they’re not just a one way process. Just as ...
Beckie Bellamy
Preparing For A Competency Based Interview
10 May 2017
Competency based interviews are being used more and more when recruiting in the UK and the fashion industry is no different. If you’re looking f...
Beckie Bellamy
How To Get Ahead In Your Fashion Career
03 May 2017
Looking to get ahead in your career? So’s everyone else in the fashion business! But you can help yourself be more effective in driving your car...
Beckie Bellamy
How To Make The Most Of Your Recruitment Consultant
26 Apr 2017
There’s no industry where the competition for jobs is as tough as the fashion industry. Regardless the type of role in whatever company in the...
Beckie Bellamy
What To Do In The Lead Up To Your Interview
19 Apr 2017
Whether you are at the very start of your career and looking for your first role in the fashion industry or you are mid-career looking for a new cha...
Beckie Bellamy
First Job In The Fashion Industry? How To Make An Impact.
12 Apr 2017
Starting a new job can be a scary prospect for anyone but if it is your first role in the fashion industry then it can be doubly so. With fashion be...
Beckie Bellamy
Are Internships and Grad Schemes Beneficial to your Company?
05 Apr 2017
Internships provide a stepping stone into the business world that so many young students need, and are often desperate for. The schemes benefit both t...
Beckie Bellamy
How to Create a Social Media Profile that will land you your Dream Job
29 Mar 2017
Social media is one of the most powerful self-promotion tools you can engage with in your search for the dream job. It offers you a platform from wh...
Beckie Bellamy
What Fashion Career Is Right For You?
22 Mar 2017
Looking for your first job in the fashion industry? Fashion is one of the most diverse industries to work in and one that it is extremely popular with...
Beckie Bellamy
The Four Seasons Recruitment Interview Guide
15 Mar 2017
ADVICE FOR SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWS Interviews for many people are a daunting event. This guide is designed to offer some advice and useful tips to r...
Beckie Bellamy
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